Jatropha Oil Online

Jatropha Oil can be processed biodiesel and the production of electricity using bio diesel as a fuel. Jatropha Oil will generate when Jatropha Curcas seeds are crushed. Jatropha can yield about 1,000 barrels of oil per year per square mile. Jatropha Oil content of the seed is 55-60%. Jatropha Oil is capable of stabilizing sand dunes, acting as a windbreak, and combating desertification. The European community has already seen the light as have some Asian, African, Indian, and South American countries.

Jatropha Oil become biodiesel or biofuel thing is going to happen whether you like it or not! There are a lot of farmers, entrepreneurs, and investors reading this who can cash in on this bio diesel craze. Making bio fuel from Jatropha will grow very quickly. The main Green Fuels will be Ethanol and biodiesel, and demand for biodiesel is expected to be up to 10.5 billion liters just in European countries by 2010. So start planting Jatropha today and then start making biodiesel to generate your own Biofuel.